Tag your Pride in St. Petersburg

#UnDistanced Online Pride 2020

Global solidarity action for St. Petersburg Pride 2020

Russia's "gay propaganda" law prevents LGBT+ people from coming together to advocate for their rights. In recent years, police have detained activists exercising their right to peacefully assemble and celebrate Pride.

St. Petersburg is one of the biggest cities in Russia and one that is known for its progressive culture. But LGBT+ people are still discriminated against, attacked, and even arrested when they attempt to celebrate Pride.

That's why we decided to bring Pride to St. Petersburg through our global digital movement:

This map is our way of sending a message of support and solidarity to Russian LGBT+ people.

We are thousands of people coming together virtually in St. Petersburg in a huge, colorful display of solidarity with LGBT+ people who are not allowed to celebrate Pride.

Every flag stands for a voice of support and love from all over the world, telling Russian LGBT+ people that they are not alone.